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"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller

Success Stories

"Dr. Keisha Gill-Jacob has been the best leader I have received guidance, support, encouragement, and supervision from in my career. She possesses a gift to educate, nurture, and lead!!"


- B. Crawford, School Social Worker
Philadelphia, PA

"Dr. Gill-Jacob is a transformative leader that believes all children can succeed and grow! Dr. Gill-Jacob is always willing to share her skill set with her learning community and allow others to thrive and become part of the change. Plans are constructed, faculty is empowered, and improvements are undeniable!"

- M. Sharp, Head of School
Haddonfield, NJ

"As a new educator, Dr. Jacob was heaven-sent. Her patience, constant encouragement, and simply watching her in action have greatly influenced my role as an educator. Our school was in turmoil and we were sinking fast. Her ability to build relationships changed the climate in the school for the better. We knew she was there to help and she believed in us. Her relationships with children left you in awe. Eight years later, she is by far what I strive daily to be".

- S. Bradley, Special Education Coordinator

Courses Coming Soon

American Sign Language

Learn to sign with confidence! This course was designed for individuals with no or minimal sign language skills. We will help you develop basic skills and knowledge of Deaf culture.

American Sign Language.png
Navigating Courageous Conversations

Navigating Courageous Conversations can be a challenge in the workplace. This MasterClass is designed to assist Educational Leaders and other professionals with challenging conversations in the workplace while empowering a confident team to propel students to academic achievement.  


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